• Sunxuemei Sunxuemei

    Use 2KDB try out players that are cheaper with comparable carto

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    I feel like 2K MT already that way for the most part anyhow greening might be a bit more difficult. Not always lol the punishment for mistiming shots is not consistent or accurate people and whatsoever green way too much. One week earlys go at at a top rate the lates that are next do the upcoming slightlys perform lol like wouldn't it be based off of you tim
  • Smarthuiyuan Smarthuiyuan

    RuneScape's intro requires work

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    Thanks for replying! Additionally, love the movies you have so far, it is always enjoyable for me to RuneScape gold watch osrs players giving rs3 a fair try. Your points are fairly strong, idk if I'd begin players on legacy per se, but personally I feel heritage as a whole needs to be removed, it merely adds another layer of confusion to RuneScape, and was